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8-Bit Hanger Lends You a Helping Finger

I always say I love pixelated gadgets, just for the fact that they have a way of making the rest of your surroundings look like they’re in HD in contrast. But there’s something else. There’s the ever-important geek cred boost to your reputation, of course, but there’s something about the geometric blockiness of both 8-bit items and LEGOs and even ...

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Pop a Cap in That Ass with the Pixelated Glock

You wanna talk all that mess on us and think we’re not going to retaliate? Nah, man. Nah, nah, nah. Homey don’t play that. Don’t underestimate us geeks. We can get down with the best of the gang-bangers and we come bearing air power. All of those hours of playing Grand Theft Auto were not for naught. The DuraCoat Glock ...

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Pixelated Light Bulb

Rely on a bulb made out of pixels and you’ll likely be left in the dark. This ain’t no 2D world, sucka. We need light with three dimensions. I could see this working in a awesome in a totally pixel-themed room, but other than that this shit will just look out of place and pretty useless. I love it, but ...

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Pixel Art With Perforated Coasters

You’ve got to complete the pixelated feng shui you were going for at your pad. Finally, coasters that’ll match your wallpaper and yard decorations. At first glance, these look no different than a series of coasters linked together for you to rip off accordingly. But, upon closer inspection, they turn out to be so much more than that. Each coaster ...

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Pixelate Those Pretty Graphics

The Pixelation forum came up with a neat contest for it’s users. They poked at the question, “what would modern games look like on an original Gameboy?” They ask their users to re-create screenshots of their favorite modern games in pixelated Gameboy-form. You’ll find games like Guitar Hero, BioShock, ICO, Okami, Sam & Max, Flashback (not so modern but very ...

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