6 Fun But Pointless USB Devices

We posted some cool USB flash drives last week and in the process of finding those nifty gadgets, we also found some weird and fun USB devices. Today we want to share a few of those with you…because who doesn’t need more crap on their desk?

6 USB Devices That Are Pretty Pointless but Sort of Awesome

#1. The USB Hamster Wheel


USB Hamster WheelA USB hamster wheel which is pretty pointless unless you have a…wait…no, it’s just pretty pointless.

#2. The USB Kitty

USB Kitty

USB kitty bobs her head when she’s plugged in to your USB drive…why is this important? We don’t know either.

#3. The USB Fish Tank / Pen Holder

The USB Fish Tank / Pen Holder

…Because a real fish tank would leave too much room for the fish why not combine it with a pen holder and an electronic calendar.

#4. The USB Plasma Ball

USB Plasma Ball

Plasma balls were cool once. The key word in that sentence being “once.” Com on people, are we just looking for ways to use up those precious USB ports?

#5. The USB Pet Rock

USB Pet Rock

The USB pet rock does absolutely nothing which is sort of the point…we just don’t understand why you hate open USB ports so much?

#6. The USB Tentacle

USB Tentacle

The USB tentacle plugs right in to your USB port and just sort of wiggles around. No, it doesn’t store data. Yes, it does draw power. No, we don’t know why you need one.

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