Getting Creative with USB Sticks

Flash drives, USB sticks, whatever you call them, they are a necessary part of being a computer junkie. Gone are the days of burning DVD’s and CD’s or carting around external hard drives to transfer data from one machine to another…well, for the most part.

Today we want to check out some of our favorite creative USB sticks.

The Ultra Compact USB Drive

Ultra Compact USB DriveVia

The Vacuum Tube USB Drive

The Vacuum Tube USB DriveVia ETSY

The Arc Reactor USB Drive

Iron Man USB DriveVia The Fancy USB

The Cork USB Drive

Cork USB DriveVia Geek Stuff 4U

The Key USB Drive

Key USB DriveVia

USB Leather Bracelet

USB Leather BraceletVia

The Safety Pin USB Drive

Safety Pin USB DriveVia Art Lebedev

The Watch USB Drive

Watch USB DriveVia Yanko Design

The USB Transfer Stick

USB Transfer StickVia Yanko Design

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