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6 Fun But Pointless USB Devices

USB Hamster Wheel

We posted some cool USB flash drives last week and in the process of finding those nifty gadgets, we also found some weird and fun USB devices. Today we want to share a few of those with you...because who doesn't need more crap on their desk?

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Chia Pet

Novelty in the half shell. CHIA POWER! I'm pretty sure the Chia Pet was never actually "cool" per se. I feel like it was just something for a very bored generation to do. But the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Chia Pet is going to make growing plants out of sculptures cool for the first time ever.

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Bitch Bandages Complain About Paper Cuts For You

“Shit… dammit… cock!” Thus are the words that pour from between my teeth after I accidentally cut myself with a piece of friggen’ paper. The Shit Happens! Bandages do the dirty work for you, expressing your frustration for days to come with four different expletives. $7 for 25 excuses to be obscene? Where do I sign?! Link [via]

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Cough Into This Headset

Did you get a ticket for talking on your cellphone while driving? Man, that sucks. Well, do something about it, get a headset. Better yet, get a headset to feed your nicotine addiction. Making calls is as easy as shouting into this cigarette box. It’s designed for Nokia/Samsung/Sony Ericsson cellphones or people trying to get over cancer by reminding themselves ...

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I’d Feel Up A Chick With Beerhandles

Is 9:15AM too early to drink? Seriously, you can be straight with me. Because at the moment, I’m desperately craving one of these Beerhandles. For $10, it snaps on to my beer can so that I can hold it like a mug. Why don’t I just hold the can? Because I sweat too much. It’s a glandular problem and the ...

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Why don’t you go suck a screwdriver?!

Despite popular belief, you can have your tools and eat them too. The classic screwdriver is made with a red cheap plastic base. You can find them in your local children’s toy tool kit. With the Screwdriver Lollipop, you can have the same classic novelty without the synthetic materials. OK, well it’s prob still made of synhetic materials, but at ...

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Cassette Wallet brings us back to the eighties

Remember these things? They are called “cassette tapes” and were widely used in the 80’s and early-90’s. What was the single most popular music format for over a decade, is now being used as novelty fashion products. Hand-made using real used cassette tapes, the Cassette Wallet screams memories of our old Warrant and Poison cassettes. Made by designer Marcella Foschi, ...

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Quackers Punk Duck says “Screw you and your bath”

We spotted this Quackers Punk Duck and fell in love. It’s such a nice remake of the traditional yellow rubber ducky made famous from Ernie on Sesame Street. This duck wouldn’t put up with Ernie’s crap. The movement that turned a generation into rebels has created something so much more worth while. Novelty ducks! Complete with spiked choker necklace, a ...

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The Human Vending Machine

Japanese innovation. The Human Vending Machine is an oddity among a world engulfed with technological insight at every corner. This lo-fi vending machine, when compared to the Cmode vending machines of today which mix mobile phone technology with money transfer, might seems laughable, but we think it’s a strong statement. It might take you a few more minutes to get ...

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