3-D Display For Cellphones Is Right Around The Corner

Your cellphone doesn’t quite have the power the PSP has, though it’s trying. The Seiko Epson Corp are pushing the future of cellphone software forward with their 3-D display for mobile phones. With about 500 PPI of resolution, this 3D display is a sight to see with no 3-D glasses needed:

“[It’s] one of the world’s highest resolutions of direct-view-type displays that do not use projectors,” says Goro Hamagishi, general manager of the Display Development Center, Corporate Research & Development Div, Seiko Epson Corp.

This is done using a special lens called lenticular lens that, when placed over pixels, is possible to make different images be seen from different angles. Similar to the ‘real-time’ 3-D image rendering system, several cameras are used to shoot images from different angles. It is then that the 3-D image takes its true form. The company plans on commercializing this display within the next two years. Until then, you’ll have to hold yourself over with Doom RPG for your cellphone.

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