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Video Game Console Architecture

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to shrink down small enough so I could magically jump into my favorite video games. I’d just crawl right inside the console and figure out a way to worm myself into the action. Sure, you can say that’s scientifically impossible, but whatever. A man doesn’t need to worry about your so-called “facts ...

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Former 3D Realms Artist Reveals Duke Nukem Forever Game Renderings

Ok, so 3D Realms is pretty much dead. R.I.P. We can only assume that the long-rumored and partially-developed Duke Nukem Forever died with it. I’m not quite sure if anyone actually knew how far along the game was in its development. But if these renderings are any sort of clue, the game would have kicked ass. Former 3D Realms Art ...

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3-D Display For Cellphones Is Right Around The Corner

Your cellphone doesn’t quite have the power the PSP has, though it’s trying. The Seiko Epson Corp are pushing the future of cellphone software forward with their 3-D display for mobile phones. With about 500 PPI of resolution, this 3D display is a sight to see with no 3-D glasses needed: “[It’s] one of the world’s highest resolutions of direct-view-type ...

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‘Real-Time’ 3D Image Rendering System

Japanese researchers have devised a prototype that renders 3D images by using pictures taken by 64 cameras placed on an 8 x 8 grid. The 3D display is comprised of a small assortment of shapes and colors. The images taken by the cameras look three-dimensional to the naked eye and researchers say it’s, “almost real time.” By taking 60 angled ...

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