The Very Anatomically Correct Rectum Bar

I could go with the standard “Rectum? Damn near killed ‘em” reference, but then I’d feel decidedly uncreative, so let’s try to make another asshole joke. Hmm. Well, seeing as it’s Friday, and I’m a lazy mother shut-yo-mouth even on a good day, let’s just go with uncreative.

Imagine, you’re cruising around Vienna looking for a hot spot to plant your ass for the next few hours when you come across, well, I guess there isn’t a delicate way to say this, a rectum. A literal rectum. Interesting concept. Excellently executed. Maybe not the best party theme.

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  1. Just saw this and noticed that no-where in the article including the tags have the one-of-a-kind creators of this beast been given credit. They are Atelier Van Leishout and they are the BOSS!

  2. Anguised: The main link in the post was to Van Leishout’s website, but I added the name to the tags. Thanks.

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