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The Very Anatomically Correct Rectum Bar

I could go with the standard “Rectum? Damn near killed ’em” reference, but then I’d feel decidedly uncreative, so let’s try to make another asshole joke. Hmm. Well, seeing as it’s Friday, and I’m a lazy mother shut-yo-mouth even on a good day, let’s just go with uncreative. Imagine, you’re cruising around Vienna looking for a hot spot to plant ...

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Microsoft Vista follow-up “Vienna” will most likely be in 2009

With Vista barely off of the metaphorical assembly line, Microsoft says that the follow up OS, tentatively named “Vienna”, should be ready for release by 2009. Vista’s release took a tremendous 5 years of development time after Windows XP. Vista is built on an entirely different platform, so Vienna can be expected to be not as much as a overhaul ...

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