March 5, 2015

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Touch-Screen Gameboy Color Mod Brings Pokemon To A Whole New Level

Alright, check it out fellow gearheads. The Gameboy Color might be ancient by modern standards, but there was a time wher every 9 year-old on the block had one of these. And if they didn’t? They were laughed at for being girly men. Trust me, I’d know. Mash-Mods has created a Gameboy Color unit with a touch-screen module built right ... Read More »

Crazy Spherical Case Mod: We’ve Got The Whole PC In Our Hands

We might not be able to hold the whole world in our hands (we’d need some really big gloves), but we can at least hold a sphere of computer goodness. The Spherical Case Mod is a cool idea for any DIY PC modder. Just add in your favorite hardware ingredients, and voila. You’ve got yourself a PC in a ball. ... Read More »

NES Console Built-In To A Controller

Today, everything is about bulk. Everything is becoming more compact, even dare we say “snack-sized”. This user on the Ben Heck forums put together a creative gift for his girlfriend’s birthday. A NES Controller with the entire console built-in to the controller, as well as some built in-games. The NES Controller features the 2 player version of tetris, and a ... Read More »

Add SLR Lenses To Your Video Camera

Instead of worrying about buying an assortment of custom lenses for your video camera, why not just add your own SLR lenses on to the one you already own. The problem with adding multiple lenses is that your display winds up upside down because of all of the mirrored images. Joshua Reich fixes this problem with a few harmless tweaks ... Read More »

Painted Mac resembles old Mac smiley logo

If it were still Halloween season, I would probably add in a cute joke about this Mac Classic having a jazzy new costume. Since it isn’t that time of the year anymore, as I can already feel the quickly cooling temperatures turn my testicles into raisins, we’ll have to settle for calling this a really cool recycling mod. Being called ... Read More »

Awesome Antique Heirloom Laptop Mod

Man, oh man, have we seen some kickass notebook mods in our day. It feels like it was only yesterday that I was proclaiming the iTop the coolest thing since sliced bread. This Antique notebook mod is really one for the record books. Running off of Ubuntu (like that even matters when your computer looks like this), the Heirloom mod ... Read More »

DIY: Mac Classic To Mac Mini Mod

Here’s a way for you to gut your Mac Classic and hook it up to a Mac Mini. In 11 moderately easy steps, this mod is one that most novice computer builders can handle on their own. Just make sure you didn’t already make your Mac into a backpack. The mod allows the innards of a Mac Classic to run ... Read More »

Water-Cooled PS3: Someone Was Bound to Do It

It’s probably unnecessary, but if you have ever thought about water-cooling your PS3, Dragonpower has scattered details of this build over a thread at the Official Playstation forums. If you can do it, and you don’t mind massively voiding your warranty, a PS3 that runs silent and around 32C under a heavy load could be your reward. Hit the jump ... Read More »

Be a Wii-J and mash up some music with a Wiimote hack

[ev type=”youtube” data=”503C14RFphQ”][/ev] Here’s a really cool find. A guy who calls himself DJ ! (DJ Shift+1) has developed a way to hack into the Wiimote and re-map their functions to mod them into a music mixing device compatible with the PC. The video above shows the results of what can be created through a little created hacking. Catch the ... Read More »

Chap Stick USB, for the technologically embarrassed

If you are so ashamed of having a USB flash drive that you feel the need to hide it in a Chap Stick tube, maybe you shouldn’t have on in the first place. While this mod is certainly a good idea if you happen to be an undercover CIA agent and you need to get some confidential information, you might ... Read More »