Water-Cooled PS3: Someone Was Bound to Do It


It’s probably unnecessary, but if you have ever thought about water-cooling your PS3, Dragonpower has scattered details of this build over a thread at the Official Playstation forums. If you can do it, and you don’t mind massively voiding your warranty, a PS3 that runs silent and around 32�C under a heavy load could be your reward. Hit the jump for more pictures of the build.



Sean Fallon

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  1. Nice 🙂 Its different, and different is good. I havent seen any other liquid cooled PS3’s before.

    Have fun all,
    Brian 🙂

  2. anyway of getting ahold of this guy to get a walkthrough and shopping list??

  3. can u do this on 80 gb ps3 anf how much will it cost

  4. yeah looks cool lol could you tell me all parts needed,ruffly how much and where i could get it done new ps3 slim thanks rob

  5. very nice i just finshed my own 60gb ps3 liquid cooling mod

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