March 2, 2015

iPhone Case Adds Slide-On Tactile QWERTY Keyboard

We’ve seen attempts at adding a tactile QWERTY keyboard to replace the touchscreen of the iPhone before. iTwinge seemed like a viable option if you didn’t mind a hell of an eyesore, but it was actually pretty impractical. Half the touch screen was covered by a massive sheaf of buttons which were visibly awkward to slip on and off when needed.

Altamash Jiwani’s QWERTY keyboard case doubles as both an option for added tactile typing and a polycarbonate bumper-esque shield of protection for your phone. The keyboard slides onto the case and disables the touchscreen keyboard native to the device. At this point, this is merely a concept, but an add-on like this in the future doesn’t seem completely far fetched, even though touchscreens are increasingly becoming much more common.

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