Zoran Guitar Lets You Customize Your Sounds And Look Cool Doing It


Designer Amit Zoran has been playing around with a concept that allows guitar players to customize their own unique sound. Using a CAD/CAM process, this conceptual acoustic sound box allows musicians to custom choose their own sound cells, creating a truly unique tone.

Each string has its own bridge, allowing each bridge to be linked to different custom sound cells throughout the design. The coolest part is that users can print out their own cell designs using a special 3D printer, as well as download other recommended sound cells from the web. — Andrew Dobrow



  1. This is unbelievable COOL!

    What a giant visionair and designer this Amit Zoran is.

  2. Josť Luis de la Torre

    It seems very interesting from the design point of view. My question is how the sound is affected by the bridge being the only device driving the string vibration to the top (the sound cell). It seems more an exercise in design than an actual viable acoustic instrument. Also, has it been built and tested? I would be extremely interested in seeing it in action.

  3. How Do You Do This You Freak

  4. Where can i get one of these?

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