Zoom H4 Handy Recorder lets you get out of that cramped home studio

zoom h4 handy recorder

Look at that, those things that look like they might be trying to make somehing of a tazer are really microphones. And not just any microphones at that. They are two studio quality electric condenser microphones for all of your porable auio recording needs.

THe Zoom H4 Handy Recorder also has two XLR input jacks, an SD card slot, and a USB port to make for an amazing pro portable audio recording device. A 128MB SD card is included, but that really isn’t much if you are serious about what you are doing. The unit is powered by two AA batteries, which provide for 34 hours recording in MP3 stereo mode. Don’t think that the H4 will be cheep though, it will set your back about $300. This definately isn’t for recording your friends nonstop laughter at lunch, you better get serious about audio if you have this. — Nik Gomez

Zoom H4 Handy Recorder [via The Red Ferret Journal]

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