ZINK Inkless Portable Printer in the cusp of your grip

zink inkless portable printer

Demos 2007, a tech convention not as well known as MacWorld or CES, though still worth its weight in coolness, is the site where the Zink has unleashed. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, ZINK technology starts where Polaroids left off. ZINK is a handheld printing device capable of printing digital photos without the use of ink or laser.

How does this creation work? Hundreds of patents are either pending or approved for the ZINK technology. Special embedded dye crystals in the paper are activated through heat made by the ZINK printer. Depending on the heat of each crystal, the picture produced is decent quality digital prints that are supposedly long lasting.

The ZINK is still in its developmental stages, so hard specs or previews aren’t obtainable yet. The portable printer should eventually be a really cool gadget to have around for small prints on the go. Good quality would be our worry for the ZINK. How good of a picture would these prints be? Thank God there wasn’t something like this when our parents were young. Imagine the family memories we would have to reminisce about for years to come. — Andrew Dobrow

Press Release  [via Gadgetizer]

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