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Today is your lucky day, dear reader. We have another contest on our hands and this time, there’s a catch. We have two wireless mice up for review from Road Mice, a Four Door Media company. One is a black Corvette and the other is the 2009 Camaro. Pretty rad.

Rather than review a mouse myself, I’m enlisting you to review it. Leave a comment with a valid name, e-mail address and a good reason why you want to review one of these. Two people will be chosen at random to receive the mice. You write a three paragraph (or more) review and send it to us and you get to keep the mice. Think of it as “citizen journalism” or “unpaid writing,” depending on how cynical you are.

UPDATED: Contest ends on December 31st, 2008. Start your engines! More details about the mice after the jump.

Optical / Wireless Car Mouse, with USB receiver utilizing the latest RF and Optical technology. These unique, patented wireless optical mice are high performance accessories. 4Door’s car mouse designs have the look of a replica automobile and the functionality of the best pointing devices on the market. The functioning headlights and smooth lines give the car a realistic look and feel. A must have… for car enthusiasts and collectors.

This product comes with a Six Month Limited Warranty

PC and Mac compatible with an available USB port.
Microsoft Widows 98/2000/ME/XP or Vista.


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  1. Vince:

    I would like to take the opportunity to review the Corvette Road Mice. I write for and offer the following perspective on why I would be a good reviewer:

    1. As my work requires me to work with my computer upwards of 12-14 hours per day, a good mouse is essential to getting work done. I am particulary interested in how the mouse feels in my hand, how the button and scroll action feel, its accuracy and any additional settings for customization.

    2. As a Corvette enthusiast, I am interested in how the Corvette mouse looks. Will it provide the looks of envy by family and friends that I get when driving my black 1966 Corvette Sting Ray?

    3. As someone that has been blogging about Corvettes for three years, I think I can string together three coherent paragraphs about the mouse and our experience with it. We would also be interested in posting a link on our blog to the full review at Additional traffic for everyone!

    Finally, I guarantee that Road Mice will get a fair shake from a Corvette/Geek reviewer.

    Best Regards,

    Keith Cornett

  2. I would LOVE to review the Corvette mouse for a myriad of reasons:

    1. I’m a car enthusiast

    2. I love the look of it.

    3. I currently don’t have a mouse.



  3. The only reason I’d like to review them is to confirm my opinion that they are not worth buying.

  4. I would love to review the mice for the following reasons:

    1. I am a computer tech and i see what users do to their mice and how long they last.

    2. I’ve always wanted to be a product tester and check out whats the coolest new thing out there.

    3. I am a computer geek all the way

    4. Because of my long last name

    5. Because i would like to have future chances to review products, and prove my self.

    6. I can give one heck of a review you should check out my RanFacs (Random Facts) (Email me and i’ll send you one of my last ones i did)

    7. IDK I am uptodate with Technology from Cisco’s VOIP to Microsofts Win 7

    8. Finnal Reason I use XP!

    Ok well if i get picked i will pwn the mice and tell you the in and outs the do’s and dont’s Muahahahaha -Drewster Signing off!!

  5. At 8 years old, my Son is one of the world’s top car enthusiasts! His life is all about cars – Nascar, muscle cars…. “any” type of car. I am a computer scientist and spend days (and nights) in front of a computer (actually 10 servers). My Son and I would consider it a privilege to test and provide a fair review through my website ( We would test the Road Mice with Linux, Solaris, Vista and Windows XP. I would also test it through two different KVMs – (Avocent 8-port AutoView 1415 and an Avocent SwitchView 1000 8-port). I have an extensive background in writing reviews.

    Jeff and Alex

  6. Having received a white Mustang GT with blue stripes mouse for Christmas from my sister, I’ve had a few weeks to ‘test drive’ it at my work and I’m not all that impressed. And don’t go with the wisecracks that its a Ford, they’re all the same on the inside.

    I work for an engineering firm as a CAD tech so I am constantly using the mouse 8-5, 5 days a week at least.

    The pros: It’s very stylish looking, the fit and finish are very nice. I can’t comment on the feel of them all, but I thought the square corners of the truck on the Mustang might bother me, but they don’t. The hood buttons aren’t overly sensitive and the scrolling button seems firm and not too sensitive as well.

    The cons: White is not a good color to get, I’m getting ‘hand goo’ in the door jambs and style lines, if you’re a smoker you definately don’t want a light colored car. The car rocked on the desktop. I had to ‘work on the suspension’, i.e. used some tape on the bottom pads to level the car out. In the 6 or so weeks I’ve ‘driven it’ I’ve used two sets of batteries not including the ones that came with it.

    The really bad cons: It sometimes goes to sleep within a few seconds of using it. you have to click the hood to get it to wake back up, although the led on the bottom glows an ‘the rotors get hot’, it still doesn’t move the cursor. Using the scroll button in AutoCAD as I have it set up, zooms in and out on the screen, on a web page it scrolls the page. The mouse gets a mind of it’s own and will zoom in and out on it’s own in AutoCAD and when surfing the ‘web, it will scroll a page up and down on it’s own, very annoying. Also, whether in AutoCAD or on a web page or in a document, the cursor will dance around in the general area on it’s own, not a tiny area, but maybe 10% of the screen in the general area it’s in. This is typically noticed when trying to use the cursor to pick something.

    The bottom line: It’s a neat mouse, but it’s a gimmick. If you plan on using it for serious production work you’ll be disappointed, for ~$50 you’d think they’d put better guts in it. And to let you know how bad it is, I’ll be taking it off and plugging my company supplied wired optical mouse back in. I’ll probably take it home and put it on the home desktop and the kids can use it.

  7. Don’t waste your time. It work twice and then I could never get it to reconnect again. The USB plugin would tell he computer it was loaded and ready to use but the Car would not move the mouse. I work with computers alot and never could get it to work again. Buy another brand or just stick with a regular mouse. I am disappointed since I love Corvettes and the mouse is sharp looking.

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