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PUMA: GM and Segway Team Up

Take a near-bankrupt automobile manufacturer and a company that makes personal transportation vehicles used mostly by colleges and you’d think you’d have a disaster on your hands, correct? Apparently, such is not the opinion of General Motors and Segway. The two companies are teaming up to create the PUMA, or Personal Urban Mobility and Accessibility Project. The vehicle, shown above, ...

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YouReview Contest: Road Mice Wireless Mouse

Today is your lucky day, dear reader. We have another contest on our hands and this time, there’s a catch. We have two wireless mice up for review from Road Mice, a Four Door Media company. One is a black Corvette and the other is the 2009 Camaro. Pretty rad. Rather than review a mouse myself, I’m enlisting you to ...

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Hummer Tank Would Look Great In Rocky IV

Not a lot of information on this incredible mod but as far as I can tell it’s a Hummer H2T (the pickup truck model of the H2) modified with a cool black/green paint job and tank treads. These tracked belts actually work, meaning you could scale some serious mountains with this bad boy. Unfortunately, there’s no word on top speed, ...

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