Your Magic Wand for Cost Savings and Site Security


Security is both a buzzword and an important part of every company and location. When the right people enter your complex, great things happen. When the wrong people are prevented from entry, a major hurdle to your day can be overcome with relative ease. There are even cost advantages to this special form of outsourcing.

There is a lot to think about when it comes to your company’s security. When you trust the right company, much of that thought simply becomes a set of rules that are simple to follow. If this is not your core operation, you would have bigger fish to fry than securing your complex and enforcing the entry rules.

Limiting Access

Access control is one of the biggest distractions many companies have to deal with on a daily basis. Simply put, there is “the rabble” and often, these are people who try to insist on entering your property without a legitimate reason. This is most of the reason for having gatekeepers, security details, and camera systems.

Much of the access limitation that has traditionally been person power-intensive can now be outsourced to automated devices. Much of what you can find at is dedicated to limiting access in the most efficient way possible. When softwares, automated cameras, and physical credential systems are in place, you can produce limited access in a far more streamlined manner.

This type of access control is not just at the front door, either. Access control can begin as early as when an individual pulls a vehicle up to the front gate. If their vehicle is not recognized for a passive, non-energy using device, the gate will not open for them. There is no need for security in this context, as access is flat out denied.

Liability Coverage

Outsourcing to a company such as Advance Systems spreads your liability much more efficiently. Liability begins with a company not allowing access, particularly to people who may attempt to target you in fraudulent injury-based lawsuits. These suits can be thwarted easily by simply not allowing those people onto the property. If they enter anyway, they would become trespassers and would have far less legal protections in many jurisdictions.

A further reason to outsource your security to an outside vendor such as Advance Systems is that it lets you further diffuse your legal liability. If something goes wrong with your security system and an outside vendor installs and maintains it, your liability would be reduced. In addition, your potential for liability would further be reduced because you are working with specialists who rarely make mistakes. This is far preferable to having to hire and train employees for a non-core operation.

Simple Rules to Live By

One of the hardest things about access limitation is developing a set of rules that are simple to follow, simple to train, and ready to implement. Trial and error can be very costly, and not just in trainer payroll. Outsourcing this aspect of your security to Advance Systems saves you a lot, and provides a robust additional layer of protection by getting your entire company on board.

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