Xbox 360 update is live and kicking


Just a little friendly reminder for all you Xbox gamers. The newest update for the gaming console is now live and very, very awesome. The addition of the new messaging capability might be enough to pump the Xbox sails up a notch or two.

Also added is a Marketplace tab on to the main interface to save those precious downloading moments. Tell us your opinion of the update. Smooth transition or no? Hot or not? Chocolate or Vanilla? Come on people, help us out here!


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  1. Anonymous_fool

    Cool, can’t wait to get home to turn on my 360 to get this update! But I think it could possibly brick my console, because of the stories of the November update makes me wary… If you have msn add me it’s [email protected]

  2. Yea dat update is da truth whoeva dont got it and isnt on xbox live its worth for u 2 get

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