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Coming Soon to Google Wave: Applications

According to sources Google Wave will almost certainly have an application marketplace, where users will be able to purchase third-party applications for the new communication tool. Google Senior Staff Engineer and Wave co-developer Lars Rasmussen has said that he would be very surprised if the applications model was not followed by Google. Google might be making the jump into the ...

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Android Market Finally Gets Paid Apps

The T-Mobile G1 is really enjoying its time in the limelight thanks to it being the only available Android phone at the moment. With that said, it’s taken Google quite awhile to roll out paid apps on the Android Market. This is no good considering that Apple’s App Store is the undisputed king of application shopping. It’s good to see ...

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Xbox 360 update is live and kicking

Just a little friendly reminder for all you Xbox gamers. The newest update for the gaming console is now live and very, very awesome. The addition of the new messaging capability might be enough to pump the Xbox sails up a notch or two. Also added is a Marketplace tab on to the main interface to save those precious downloading ...

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