Wrist Gadget Monitors Sleep, Wakes You ‘Gently’

The ‘Wakemate’ is the latest in a long line of sleep enhancing gadgets. We’ve seen timed UV lights, special hypnotic displays and even sleep monitors that claim to be able to decipher your dreams. However, the Wakemate actually takes a different approach to ensuring that you get a good night’s sleep.

The wrist gadget monitors your sleep cycle, tracking when you move through each stage of sleep. At the shallowest point of your sleep cycle, it sounds the alarm, and can even wake you up with your favorite music. According to the manufacturer, this ensures that you wake up “pain-free” and “refreshed” every morning.

The WakeMate is able to integrate with any iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android and Blackberry phone that has SPP Bluetooth. This allows you to monitor your own sleep patterns

Obviously, there’s a fatal flaw in the design of this gadget — what if you have to wake up at a specific time? I’m sure that “My Wakemate decided I needed more sleep!” isn’t an excuse that will hold up with your boss.

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  1. Easy fix for your so-called design flaw: set an alarm for the latest possible and earliest possible wake-up times. Then as soon as your consciousness is in the shallow (and in the time interval specified), you’ll be encouraged to surface.

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