WoW Lich King Expansion Release Date Leaked?

As I was browsing around Amazon, I came across an interesting entry when I searched for World of Warcraft. The page in question is a pre-order page for the WoW expansion Wrath Of The Lich King. Amazon says the shipping date is November 30th, 2008, with the game retailing for $39.99 on the online superstore.

Now, we know Amazon sometimes leaves this up to speculation, putting a guess-timation date when no such date is confirmed, yet after I placed my order, the order status maintains that it will arrive between December 4th and 8th, confirming a November 30th release. Last we heard from Blizzard was their interview about the new Death Knight class, with the exception of a few screeshots. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. master of answer's

    Hey i just saw your post and i was shocked to find out that amazon had said but there have been other websites ranging by alot and ive asked Blizz and checked around and the thing is there all alod of shit rele they make up the price and release date (who ever is selling it) untill Blizz give out an offical release and price. Hope fully it will be alot sooner 😀 hope this calms you =P

  2. say this :-

    World Of Warcraft: Wrath Of The Lich King (Expansion Pack)

    (Not yet rated) | Write a review �

    �24.99 Free Delivery
    Pre-order. | Due for release on 30/05/2008

    so it could be the end of May !!??

  3. blizzard already mentioned that patch 2.4 would be the last big patch before wowlk…2.4 is probably gonna be live in the summer so lichking if anything will launch in november

  4. hey guys.. blizzard has been putting off the lichking for so long now. i am pissed. i am getting pretty bored of the 2.3 patch already. i have done zul’aman like 30 times now. karazhan.. done… S.W vault… done… i need some new material.!!

  5. Patch 2.3.3. update to 2.4.0. downloaded, currently waiting for it to be applied, may release is possible… if they’re quick about applying 2.4 otherwise, everyone has been able to download it 😀

  6. Patch 2.4 is now live a may release is definately possible

  7. @Aaron Yeah, but probably not. The release will be announced way more then 2 months before it’s scheduled. I’m going to bet on a release in December.

  8. Ummm, has anyone noticed they are having a big WoW expo at the end of June 2008?



    hellscream realm

    plz own me


  11. im not really looking forward to this im trying to grind badges of honor like 300 to get rest of my stuff this is going to be a realy waiste if this comes out soon and also i will have to lvl my 4 70’s which is a pain in the ass!!:P.

  12. I’m done with WoW. I’m going to play SC2 and D3 when they come out.

  13. i cant believe how much bitching there is here, i play wow i enjoy playing wow, but it isnt my life, like some of the ppl on here,

    “quote, simon rigby

    GET A FUCKIN LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    and just to clear everything up, amazon has just made up that date, and there isnt an official release date for WotLK.

  14. Blizzard was the winner on the day.

  15. lol whats funny is i got a copy of the game befor you all lol got to love blizzard

  16. i been play it for the last month for yea got to love game tester eh

  17. had this info posted a couple of days before.

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