Blizzard Gabs About The WoW Death Knight Class


The new Death Knight hero class coming with the World Of Warcraft expansion Wrath Of The Lich King makes me kind of sad. Blizzard has let on a little more info about the new class in an interview, and the new info makes my level 70 Warrior feel very insignificant.

The Death Knight will be a tanking type class, and instead of using rage or mana, the Knight will have a completely new and different Rune based system to fill its magical energy. Oh, no. An all powerful hero class tank. My warrior feels cold. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. I dont know, im kind of curios how will the death knight class be like, i hope blizzard will make Death Knight better in PvP then Warriors…
    And as a matter of fact i like this whole idea.

  2. And btw i heard that Death Knight will be dps class as well.

  3. Eat,
    I’m thinking the Death Knight is going to be like a Warrior, except better at PVP like you mentioned. It will have tanking abilities, kind of like a hunter pet, but won’t be a full out tank. Being a hero class, it’ll probably be able to do fine in most positions. I can’t even imagine how sick the gear will be.

  4. Seriously, I doubt this will out tank a war. I mean, the dk uses a 2-hander… You will probably be able to pull multiple aggro quick with the dk but I don’t think the defense will be up that high to were in a raid you will want a dk over a war.

  5. I belive i read that you need X level in a class to become a Hero Class. In that cast being 70 levels in warrior or 70 levels in paladin might be part of the requiments and so nutting is lost.
    //Turg (70 Pal, 70 Hunt +5 level 60)

  6. i think the Death Knight will be like an darker type of palidan/warrior with the ability to AoE

  7. Blizz better balance this class, or sh!ts gona hit the fan.

  8. I think the “Death Knight” class should be offered ONLY to Paladins if they choose the “Dark Side” of the force. lol. -Settra.

  9. It does seem kinda sad… now everyone’s gonna probably be a DK lol..
    But like, it looks like a warrior/paladin/warlock mixed… a lil bit, and that new energy system for them looks weird…

  10. Eat?? like from zangarmarsh?

  11. is this new class horde or allys im confused

  12. Well….I’d assume it’s probably horde since it’s associated with the Lich King…yea?

  13. DK will be both factions, You will probably have to be a level 80 player to be able to get the quest to UNLOCK the DK as a playable class, with a one player quest such as a hard version of the warlock mount quest. They are thinking of having ALL races open for becoming a DK since there are no Lore restrictions telling they cant become one, Im not realy sure how the DK is gonna blend in but since I heard once you unlock them you will be able to create them at an higher level (Some mentioned lvl50ish starting level), I would most definitally start one, asuming my hunter priest or shammy can unlock them in the first place.. Would be a sweet PvP class from what im hearing..

  14. Ive never seen so many noobs

  15. Alot of speculation on it but blizard have post saying it will be dps but also be able to wieled 2h and sheilds like a shammy can with the hp of the likes of a warrior and also the magical dps of a mage. Also there ar etrailers of it being able to AOE like a mages blizzard so its mass killing abilites may be limited to channling but due to the trailers id expect it to be something like a mage only able to take alot more damage with possibly less AOE killing affects though the trailer showed them all running as mobs that are evading and running away so how good its actualy AOE killing talents are is only speculation on the trailer


    FUCK U ALL WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    look at me i’m a death knight i tank and have runes…….. woooooooooo

    spastic mother fuken death knight hero dude!!!!!!!

  17. DEATH KNIGHT FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WARLOCKS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. aparentaly deathknights can sumon zombies etc to help like the trees that druids can sumon but cooler 😀

  19. Finally a Shadowknight for wow! Just like everquest

  20. yeah i CAN wait for the death knight. lol i dont want my 70 warrior to feel insignificant either!

  21. I’ve read up on the deathknight. No, you don’t have to have a level 80 in order to unlock it. Blizzard announced this, because they do not want people speeding thorugh the levels and missing the whole point of the game. they also want the environment to be more noticed. Im sure they will buff warriors and DKs will have trouble tanking being that they can only use 2khanders and dual wield…so im curious what this willl turn out like.

  22. From what I read the DK will have no problems tanking with a TH cause of the plate they can wear and that fact Blizz has the power over a DK to add 5000 armor for 1 skill like a druid kinda gets when in bear form, and to tell u ALL right now the DK will out tank a WARRIOR or a DRUID anyday, dont beilive what i say then do ur resreach and dont whin cause u know i’m right and your wrong, and as for dps they will have no chance to out dps a rogue or hunter

  23. You cant get a DK till your in the 50s and they will probably start at 60 in the expansion starting area.

  24. WTF is a DK? Donkey Kong? I love DK. Diddy Kong rules. Has anyone heard about the new DK game coming out?

  25. hai.just so you all know it,im gonna beat what ever they come with,death knight,alive knight,moon knight or what they call it,im not just gonna beat it,i beat it naked …
    have a nice day,,,,rogue4ever

  26. I personally think that DK (Deathknight) will only be available to the plate wearers such as a paladin or a warrior. And like what Eracer said, DK’s wont stand a chance dpsing against a rouge or hunter. But I have to say I bet DK’s would be a pretty fun hero class to play!

    Save Water, Drink Beer!

  27. Im ok with death knights , im sure they’ll have their weaknesses just as warriors do (my main is a 70 warr too XD) , but when i make a D knight char im sure ill get just as attached to him as my warrior , FOR THE HORDE *moo

  28. usually confused

    so the dk is gona be some strong ass char kinda mixed with pally/warr/lock thats gona be for both factions? im not completely sure i get it

  29. i think the dk will be great class. and usually confused its more like a war/lock casue pallys are a def type of char and dk is more of an offensive type. the dk has only a small part lock casue a lock is a demonic type a dk is necromontic type like undead personlly i think a dk will be a great class!!!!!

  30. I have done a little reasearch about WOTLK and here are some of the features
    1. New warlock deamon form
    2. Death knight (obveously)
    3. Death knights can eather train in dark magic (sumoning zombies etc or raising falen comraids from the dead), Tanking or Mele dps.
    4. To make a deathknight you have to have a lvl 55 char and deathknights start of at somthing like lvl 50 with gear that lookes like legendery gladiator armor!

  31. To make a deathknight you will have to have a lvl 55+. you will start at lvl 55 in the plaguelands.The gear looks badass but it’s only greens and some blues. Like said before they will have their weaknesses so it wont be an overpowered class. The three talent trees are, Blood(DPS), Frost(Tanking), and Unholy(Summoning, PvP, Utility).

  32. OKay let me get this straight, If i have a level 50 whatever warrior since the DK is a new Class my warrior will no longer be a warrior and will no longer know his warrior skills but instead be replaced with a wholeeee new class? with new spells and whatever?


  33. Paul – nope… you will get a new level 55 toon if you have already have a 55+ on the server. Only one DK per server though.

  34. The Holy Guardian!~

    The UnHoly side!? hmm seems to me that the holy guardians are having some fun.

  35. Death KNight kno it all

    You have to have a lvl 55 to unlock the death knight and you can only have one per server and if you get andy horde character past 55 you will only be able to have horde death knight and same for alliance but if you get both you get both,If you all ready have a character over 50 and you upgrade your account and download wotlk you start off with death knight.

  36. Okay i read some comments and you all seem slightly unsure about this DK class heres some things i heard what may clear things up.

    You need to be level 55 to change into DK
    You can be any race or class to change.

    Thats all 🙂

    Im kind of interested in this new profession, ‘Inscription’ which is like maming your own spells, so im guessing like little scrolls tht when clicked perform like a curse on the Mob.
    Your best source is The WoW site, even though they tend to make it sound better than actually is.

  37. sorry i didnt read the guy above mine,,

  38. i herd that you need to buy the new up dait and have to have ad lest 11 lvl 70 to unlock it

  39. THAT IS A HOT PIC <3

  40. Actually, I was reading a magazine today called PC Gamer, and Death Knights are neither Horde or Alliance, since they are scourge – ex Paladins that fell to the Lich King and now serve him.

    You can make a Death Knight out of Any race, but they do not serve Horde or Alliance, You have a completely separate starting area and you work with people such as Baron Rivendell (If you remember him from Stratholme).

    You’re first few quests are to defeat failed Death Knights before Arthas himself.

    And they are not overpowered as videos have shown, they are a unique class, since nobody will know how to use them – there is no fear of Death Knights owning anybody in a Battleground, Correct? – and I beleive that is what the new Battleground is about – 3 way chaos… Seige weapons, its a mad rush to claim 3 bases – the first to 3 wins…

    Looks like its going to be fun.

  41. Lookslikeeveryonesconfused

    LOL, it is funny how people dont read what Blizz says, and just come up with there own little story of the new Hero Class Deathknight, to clear things up.

    The Deathknights will be in the new expansion Wrath of the Lich King, You have to have a character of lvl 55+, you will not have to have a lvl 70, or lvl to 80 in order to make/unlock this new character, it will not replace your old characters at all, it will be like making a whole new character, but with the exception of starting at lvl 55, in there own area, they will get quests to get there own land riding mount, so the Deathknight mount will be free through a quest, you can lvl a Deathknight just the same as lvling your other characters up to lvl 80, even by going to Outland, the Deathknight starts in its own starting area, so for the first little bit it will not be Horde nor Alliance, but eventually betray The Lich king, and go Horde or Alliance, you cannot make a Orc Deathknight and go for ally, nor Human Deathknight and go for Horde, whatever reace you make will be for the same faction, I know most of this is just repeated over and over again, I just wanted to put my two cents in for whatever it is worth, and in hopes of clearing up the confusion. I hope this helps, and good luck with lvling your Main character upto lvl 80, as well as making your new Deathknight.

  42. ok ur all gay get it straight ok u ave to be lvl 55 to create a lvl 55 dk ok not shut the f up

  43. why the lich king is back on battle world


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