World Of Warcraft Going Mobile


Months ago we talked about the possibility of WoW on the iPhone. Now, Baris Karadogan, a venture capitalist with ComVentures, is making a prediction that a cut-down version of World of Warcraft might be making its way to mobile gaming.

“The game will be different but it will be the extension of the overall experience. So when you have three hours free, you’ll play the real thing, when you have 30 minutes free you’ll play a small casual game on your PC that counts towards your experience in the big game and when you have 5 minutes free you’ll play the mobile handset version.”

While this prediction doesn’t make me confident that something like this is indeed possible, a man can dream. And so can I. — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. Capacity: 8GB-32GB
    RAM: 128MB

    Seeing as WoW takes up about 10GB of memory and uses at minimum 512MB of RAM I’m going to have to say this is a rumor. When God goes riding down broadway naked on a wave-runner, we can expect WoW on the iPhone. Until then, keep dreaming.

  2. @Xerzu: I’m gonna go with it being a rumor as well, though it does say that it would be a cut down version of the game.

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