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World Of Warcraft Going Mobile

Months ago we talked about the possibility of WoW on the iPhone. Now, Baris Karadogan, a venture capitalist with ComVentures, is making a prediction that a cut-down version of World of Warcraft might be making its way to mobile gaming. “The game will be different but it will be the extension of the overall experience. So when you have three ...

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Samsung SCH-B550 brings 3D graphics to mobile

While we’ve all seen mobile’s that look more sleek and flashy, Samsung’s SCH-B550 smartphone is one piece of gear that packs a shit-load of power, into a tiny package. The B550 comes equipped with the usual features of a recently produced Asian cellphone. You got your MP3 player. You’ve got your 2 megapixel camera for any upskirt opportunities that might ...

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