Woman Only Feels Comfortable As A Horse


And the stallions can’t get enough of her! Ha. Ha. Ha….. eww.

40-year-old Leanne is your average website designer with a horse fetish. Just like any other web designer with a horse fetish, she has a special horsey name. While dressed in horse regalia she will only answer to “Shyanne.”

“Once the bit’s in, the tongue is out so you’re not speaking,” she explained. “If you drool while wearing a bit, you’ve got to be wearing the wrong-size bit.”

And she knows all about proper bit-ware. Each of her special horsey ensembles cost anywhere from $8,000 to $16,000.

“When I’m in the pony gear, I feel freer,” she said. “It’s about who you are, it’s about expressing yourself. I become me.”

Her friend Grace even rides her to complete the illusion. Giddyup.

“I steer by giving her commands via turns of the reins,” she said. “That’s a good method and she can respond to pressure on either side of her mouth, same as you would with a horse.”

Her horsey obsession could be a way to shed herself of her shyness, according to a licensed sexologist.



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