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Woman Only Feels Comfortable As A Horse

40-year-old Leanne is your average website designer with a horse fetish. Just like any other web designer with a horse fetish, she has a special horsey name. While dressed in horse regalia she will only answer to "Shyanne."

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Doctors Discuss the Psychology of Batman

YouTube show Crazy Sexy Geeks sat down with three forensic psychiatrists of Broadcast Thought to discuss the psychology of Bruce Wayne. Is the Batman a sane vigilante who uses methods of terrorism to clean the streets or is there something deeper? Does Bruce Wayne suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder? These are some of the mysteries that the doctors are asked ...

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MindMentor: The Robot Psychologist

A lot of people are very skeptical about seeing a psychologist to discuss their problems. A huge part of the skepticism is probably due to the fact that other psychologists are other humans. Who really feels comfortable talking about their juiciest problems with a fellow human? Developed by two Dutch psychologists specializing in Neuro Linguistic Programming, the MindMentor is programmed ...

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