Psychologists — Reading the Spoilers Can be a GOOD Thing

I have a confession — when I’m watching a TV series (such as Dexter) I always read ahead. I’m one of the rare people that won’t get upset if a major plot point is revealed prematurely.

Well, according to some psychologists at the University of California, reading the spoilers can actually make you enjoy a story more. During a study, participants were given short stories, with or without previous spoilers. Afterwards, the participants rated how much they liked the story.

Spoilers may enhance story enjoyment by making texts easier to read and understand, leading to deeper comprehension, or they may reduce readers� anxiety about what�s to come, allowing them to focus on a story�s aesthetic details.” — Jonathan Leavitt,�University�of California

So, next time you’re prepared to rage at the next person who spoils your weekly episode of Jersey Shore… Actually, never mind. Why are you watching Jersey Shore, anyway?


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  1. I can see this working for books and perhaps long-winded movies.. but not for 44 minute long TV shows.

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