Wind-Powered, Plug-In, Hybrid Super Green Yacht Hits the High Seas

Admit it. It’s time to come clean. Say it with me – “My yacht is an environmental menace.” And your Cuban cigar smoke isn’t helping any. The truth is that personal changes really can make a difference, even if that means no more making laps around the yacht’s deck with your Hummer, using gasoline-soaked baby seals as the track’s course markers. Environmental change calls for action and self-sacrifice.

When you get the hang of making some of your favorite hobbies green, you can move onto bigger and better things, such as replacing your whole yacht with an eco-friendly alternative. The Tang is a catamaran yacht that runs on wind energy even when its sails are lowered. Propellers spinning in the wake automatically turn the vessel’s 18-kW propulsion motors into power generators. When there’s not enough wind to power the propellers, two 22-kW diesel generators generate energy to power the lithium-ion battery pack. As a third fall back plan, it has a 144-volt electrical charger that can be plugged into a range of power outlets with different voltages and frequencies.


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  1. But does it serve Kung Pao? That logo suggests a Chinese take-out franchise

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