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Wind-Powered, Plug-In, Hybrid Super Green Yacht Hits the High Seas

Admit it. It’s time to come clean. Say it with me – “My yacht is an environmental menace.” And your Cuban cigar smoke isn’t helping any. The truth is that personal changes really can make a difference, even if that means no more making laps around the yacht’s deck with your Hummer, using gasoline-soaked baby seals as the track’s course ...

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Zipper Boat Unzips The Naughty Ocean’s Pants

Japanese artist Yasuhiro Suzuki built this boat to look as if it were unzipping the water if seen from an airplane or helicopter. The effect is quite good and the ocean seems to love it, dirty slut that it is. Seriously, a $250 dinner and you never call? Screw you ocean! Virgin my ass. After the jump check out the ...

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Seabreacher X Takes Shark Week to a Whole New Level

While this isn’t the first-time that Seabreacher has introduced a trailblazing, adrenaline-gushing, limit-pressing submersible water vehicle, this is by far their most extreme creation yet. The Seabreacher X starts where the Seabreacher J left off. Now with a Shark-inspired body rather than that of a dolphin, the Seabreacher X boosts the performance with a 260hp supercharged engine, allowing the vehicle ...

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Hyper-Sub Takes To The Waves (And Under Them Too)

The Marion Hyper-Sub Submersible Powerboat is not your average sea bearing vessel. The Hyper-Sub can operate as both a boat and a submarine, both equally well. And it can look pretty sweet while doing it too. Creator Reynolds Marion enlisted the help of his mechanical engineer neighbor to help create the schematics for the Hyper-Sub, and as it turns out, ...

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