Wild Wild Wario: Super Mario Bros Heads to the Corral

Some might suggest that Mario is pretty much a cowboy to begin with, sans the hat and horse. But what if the plumber had a change of heart and really did go all wild wild west on us. Well that’s a horse of a different color. Green to be exact. We already know Mario is one hell of a culture jumper.

There’s a new sheriff in town and he can fix the hell out of your clogged pipes. Oh yes, he’s multi-talented. Especially if you happen to have misplaced your princess. I’m just not sure where he keeps that cowboy outfit because it’s clearly not in his closet. Head over to Threadless and vote if you want to see this shirt ever make it to print. And if you don’t? I just might have to challenge you to a duel.

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  1. Everyone needs to vote 5 on that ish. I want it NOW.

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