Where To Find Clipboard On iPhone?

If you are new to using an iPhone, wondering where your copied texts are is common. Much like how you copy the text on Microsoft Word and it is saved to your clipboard, the same is true with an iPhone. It has a clipboard functionality as well.

The clipboard is where all the latest copied content is stored on your iPhone. Once saved on your clipboard, you can then paste that elsewhere. The history of copied items is great about the clipboard on an iPhone. This means that it stores multiple of your copied content for future reference.

This article will explore everything related to the clipboard on iPhone and how you can access it.

What is Clipboard?

clipboad in iPhone

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Clipboard on your iPhone is a functionality that saves your copied content in the background. So, when you copy a message, an image, or even an URL, it is stored in the clipboard temporarily.

What’s disappointing is that clipboard is an internal function. This means that you won’t be able to see it as an “app” or “feature.” Instead, it is stored in your iPhone’s virtual memory.

Although you can’t view the clipboard content, there are a few ways to work around the limitation. We have sorted a few shortcuts that work.

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How to Use a Clipboard on iPhone?

The main purpose of a clipboard on an iPhone is to help you temporarily copy a text, image, or URL and then paste it at your convenience.

So, when you come across something worth copying, you can comfortably do so, and the same will be saved to the clipboard on your iPhone.

Using a clipboard is fairly simple. All you need to do is copy the text, image, or URL by long-pressing on it. Once done, the copied text is temporarily saved in the clipboard.

Where To Find Clipboard On iPhone?

As we just discussed, iPhone runs on a closed ecosystem. The clipboard works in the background, leveraging the virtual memory.

So, you can’t view or edit any of the saved content on your clipboard. However, there are some ways you can work around that downside.

We will highlight a few different ways that we personally know of in this guide.

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How to Access what is stored in Clipboard in iPhone?

Now that you clearly understand the clipboard and its features, the next step is accessing what’s stored or saved in it.

Are there any straightforward ways currently? Unfortunately, there aren’t. However, we have sorted three ways to access what’s stored in the clipboard.

1. Creating a Clipboard Shortcut

The shortcut app on your iPhone works effortlessly in simplifying many complicated tasks. When accessing what’s saved on your iPhone clipboard, you can do so by creating a shortcut.

Its fairly simple, provided you follow the steps as mentioned:

  • Unlock your iPhone and then search for the “Shortcuts” application.
  • Click on Gallery.
  • From there, search “Adjust Clipboard” and click on it to open it.
  • Tap on “Add Shortcut” from there.

Once done, you can return to the “My Shortcuts” tab on your iPhone, which should contain the newly created Clipboard shortcut. So, the next time you copy some text, image, or URL, you can view that under the Adjust Clipboard option.

2. Using Notes Application

Although it’s blatantly staring back at you, few users know the significance of the Notes app mimicking the clipboard functionalities. You can use the Notes app to save your texts, images, and the URL and then have a history of all the copied items.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Unlock your iPhone and then open the Notes app.
  • Tap to create a new note in the app.
  • You can leave the app in the background and then open the app from where you wish to copy your text, image, or URL.
  • Copy the relevant subject of interest.
  • Come back and reopen the Notes app and paste the copied item.

Once done, you can save it there, and that’s all. Now, whenever you need to copy and paste that content, you can open the Notes app to get access to it.

3. Third-party Clipboard Managers

If the above two tips aren’t working, the last resort is to look into third-party apps. There are several clipboard managers available online and in the App Store.

Depending on the features and reviews, you can pick an option that best aligns with your interest. Apps like Clip+ and Paste work effortlessly. Clip+ is popular for saving multiple copy history, which isn’t available with any of the other third-party apps.

How these third-party clipboard managers work is using dedicated app servers. The text you copy is saved using the app servers temporarily. So, the next time you have to access the information, you can do so directly from the app without any hassle.

Besides the standard ones we mentioned, other apps like Clipboard grabber and Clips board work pretty much the same.

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Final Words

The clipboard on iPhone isn’t visible in the foreground. So, it’s very common to be confused about its availability. We hope these methods mentioned above help you access the copy history on your clipboard for future reference. Besides that, Apple doesn’t have any straightforward method to view the clipboard history yet.

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