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Where To Find Clipboard On iPhone?

clipboard in iPhone

If you are new to using an iPhone, wondering where your copied texts are is common. Much like how you copy the text on Microsoft Word and it is saved to your clipboard, the same is true with an iPhone. It has a clipboard functionality as well. The clipboard is where all the latest copied content is stored on your ...

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OpenClip: Copy, Paste On Your iPhone

For all the iPhone owners out there, I don’t know how you can live without copy and paste functionality. Lucky for you, there’s OpenClip: A non-profit, open source implementation of copy and paste for the iPhone, OpenClip uses an area of the filesystem to enable participating apps to share the contents of a common clipboard. A small number of apps ...

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Coach’s Clipboard Keeps Coach Busy While You Slack Off

Sport team coaches have the habit of being overbearing. And by overbearing, we mean on your ass like a gerbil to his Richard Gere (oh…snap!). Coaches need a gadget to keep their minds occupied so you athletes can take a break. The Coach’s Clipboard uses Wi-Fi technology to keep your coach up to snuff with all of the latest coaching ...

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