What is G Suite?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you will probably be familiar with the term “G Suite.” In simple terms, it’s a range of applications that Google offers for enhancing productivity and collaboration in the workplace. All of the applications are interlinked, and they can easily be used for colleagues to work together. It’s a modern solution, and in a way, it represents the changing nature of the traditional workplace. Modern teams are more remote, and there is less rigidity in specific positions. This requires fast and mobile team working solutions. G Suite provides this in one full package that covers everything that a business would need. In this article, we will explain what G Suite is and the specific ways it could greatly benefit your business or organization.

What Is Included in G Suite

Know your business

When people ask what is G Suite, they usually want to find out a clear idea of which applications are included. This will allow them to make a decision as to whether it could benefit their business. There are a large number of Google applications included in G-Suite, and they are all fully optimized for effective collaboration. The applications include Docs, Sheets, Calendars, Slides, Hangouts, and Forms. This means that G Suite can be an effective and complete office solution. The vast majority of tasks can be handled with ease through using these applications.

Another bonus is that these applications support a number of file types for both export and import. This means that Docs can be exported as PDFs when required. It means that Microsoft Office PowerPoint files can easily be viewed and edited in Slides. The applications are full solutions that provide full support to a range of file types that are highly convenient and makes switching to G Suite virtually seamless for a company.

What Do Companies Think of G-Suite

An easy way to find out if G Suite would be helpful for your business is to view the thoughts of companies that have been using it for months, and even years. G Suite continues to increase in popularity, and there is a greater awareness growing of the solutions that it offers. G Suite is incredibly popular because it has useful applications that are very easy to use. It’s also popular with businesses because it offers the most effective collaboration available on the market. This makes the work far more efficient. It stands out in collaboration because documents are incredibly easy to edit and share in real time. Users are highly satisfied with real-time editing, as it’s effective and easy to understand. Additionally, G-Suite, as a whole, is super easy to use, and it’s not intimidating when compared to similar solutions. The simple Google interface is present within all of the G-Suite applications.

G Suite is a Completely Remote Solution

Companies also appreciate the remoteness of G-Suite. Unlike other solutions, there are no applications to download physically. This relieves the stress of needing to update applications, and it means that storage space can be saved. It means that users can naturally adapt to working on the cloud, which is beginning to be the more popular method of working. There are also applications available for download on tablet and smartphone devices, which makes it flexible to view and edit documents on the go. The offline settings mean that the remote nature of G-Suite does not tend to be a problem.

How Much Does G-Suite Cost

The cost of G-Suite is obviously an important consideration to keep in mind. The pricing is easy to understand, as there are only three main packages. All of these packages can be tried out in a free, no obligation 14-day trial. The Basic tier costs $6 a month per user. The main limitation of this tier is that it only has 30GB of Google Drive storage. The Business tier costs $12 a month per user, and it has 1TB of storage for under five users and unlimited storage for teams with more than five users. The final option is Enterprise, which costs $25 a month. It has exclusive features such as Vault, and availability for 30 person Hangouts.


After reading this, you will have a full answer to the question of what is G Suite. It should be apparent to you that G Suite is a full cloud solution that makes it easy for teams to work together in harmony. Its impressive stack of applications combined with its cloud storage makes it a popular pick for businesses of all types and sizes. The user-friendly interface means that even technology novices can benefit greatly from the fully loaded features of G Suite.

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