What If The World Were A Cube And Not A Sphere?

Once in a while an article will catch our attention and force us to think, this article from Gizmodo is such an article, how would gravity be different if the world were a cube?

Cube Earth

The physics nerd in us wants to answer all kinds of questions like “what if the world were…” and today Gizmodo has prompted us to ask what if the world were a cube rather than a globe? How would this affect the field of gravity?

The laymen in us – which tends to significantly defeat the physics nerd who is more than a little limited – is a little overwhelmed with the sheer technical talk from the original Gizmodo article however, we have broken down a few points to help you to understand just what a square Earth would mean…

– One each of the six square faces of the square planet there would only be up/down gravity toward the centers of each of the cube faces.

– Walking to the edge of one of the cube’s surfaces would feel as though you were walking up an incline and due to the gravity pull in the center of each cube face you would find it increasingly difficult to stand upright at the edge of each cube face.

– The weather on each cube face would be more temperate than current global temperatures.

– Water bodies on each cube face would be centralized.

– The extreme polar and equatorial temperatures of today’s globe would be non-existent.

– The corners and edges of the square planet would not be contained by the Earth’s atmosphere which essentially means that each cube face would be considered its own world.

– The land on each cubical face would slope downward to the center of the cube making each cube face have a basin like structure which would hold the centralized bodies of water.

– The distance from the low point to the high point of each cube face will approximate 2,300 miles.

– Your weight will become less as you travel from the center to the edge of each cube surface.

Bizarre? You bet, but it’s a lot easier to understand the implications of a cube world for those of us who are less physics inclined when laid out in bullet points like these!

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