Web-Based Games or Apps – which give the Best Mobile experience?

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Mobile gaming is ballooning in popularity. In this age in which practically everyone owns a smartphone, people of all ages use it as much as a source of some idle entertainment as they do to make calls, check emails and do all those other useful tasks that make it so essential to modern life.

Mobile games have, however, diverged into two distinct categories, and while the average end user might not realize it, developers are torn when it comes to the best way to deliver their games to the public. Some insist that native apps are the obvious choice. After all, these make optimal use of the phone’s hardware and people spend far more time using apps than they do fiddling about with mobile browsers.

Web apps, on the other hand are simple to deploy, do not require updates and can be effortlessly run on any platform or device. So which is best?

Browser is best for casual gaming

For the majority of mobile games, people do not sit playing for hours. We are not talking CS:GO or Fortnite here. Typically, mobile gamers want to log on, play a simple game and then get on their way.

For this type of experience, mobile browser games are an ideal choice. Developers can use HTML5 to deliver an enjoyable gaming experience with maximum flexibility and minimal fuss. And provided they use appropriate protection on their servers, the games are just as secure as those played on native apps.

This is the method that is typically used when it comes to online casino games, and it is obvious to see why. The slots or table games on this site provide a case in point. The web portal offers immediate access to an immense library of games through an interface that is simple and intuitive. The site can add new games whenever it likes, and users never has to worry about installing updates – all they have to do is navigate to their game of choice.

Native apps for an interactive experience

There are more than two million native apps out there in the major app stores, and by far the largest category is the games sector. Plenty of these are quite simple games that you could just as easily run in a web browser. As far as these are concerned, it is a matter of personal preference as to whether you prefer the convenience of just opening an app or the knowledge that by playing via the browser you are definitely operating the latest version.

Other app-based games, however, are a little different. Mobile games are gradually becoming more complex, for example the Asphalt racing series or mobile eSport games like Vainglory or Clash Royale. These need direct access your smartphone’s hardware in order to run properly, so there is really no choice here.

So what is the answer?

If you were hoping for a definitive answer as to what sort of mobile game is best, then the best you are going to get is that “it depends.” It comes down to a combination of the type and complexity of the game, as well as personal preference.

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