Water Your Ring Every Day

She’s hot, right? Check out that ring on her finger. It’s a combination of jewelry and gardening which can only mean one thing: she’s marrying a hippy. Iceland designer Hafsteinn J�l�usson wants to bring nature into everyday couture. This form of jewelry is not for everyone, however. One must take good care of their Growing Jewelry or else it’ll fade like any other plant uncared for.

Hafsteinn states: “It is important to take good care of Growing Jewelry. The owner must water it regularly and nurture it like any other plant. So it’s up to the owner to make sure that the jewelry is at its best.”

Now, if the grass on the ring fades, would it be possible to replant the seeds or would you need a whole new ring? I’d imagine it’d be possible, though you probably wouldn’t be able to wear it during it’s earlier stages of growth. Regardless, this ring is sure to get a lot of attention from the folks who frequent Phish shows.

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