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Grassy Lawn Charging Station Provides Ample Room For Your Gadgets To Graze

Tired of coming home to find that your gadgets have not only set-up shop in your bed, but have also left spots or urine scattered across your house? The Grassy Lawn Charging Station not only provides a relaxing spot for your devices to chill, but plenty of room to evacuate their bowels and graze through thechlorophyl-packed highlands of grass blades. ...

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Google Hires Goats to Clean Their Land (Including Photographic Proof)

Google posted an article on their blog which sounds like a story straight from their April Fool’s Day archive. But no, they are not kidding, and the proof is shown above, photographically. Google has rented a herd of goats (not goatse) to clean the landscape of their Mountain View, California headquarters. Google has hired California Grazing, a company which specializes ...

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Water Your Ring Every Day

She’s hot, right? Check out that ring on her finger. It’s a combination of jewelry and gardening which can only mean one thing: she’s marrying a hippy. Iceland designer Hafsteinn Jlusson wants to bring nature into everyday couture. This form of jewelry is not for everyone, however. One must take good care of their Growing Jewelry or else it’ll fade ...

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Grass Mailbox

Designer Adriean Koleric has created a mailbox that is both eco-friendly and chic. Sporting a small patch of dirt to grow grass/flowers/marijuana in, this mailbox will no doubt get you eco-cred with the babes and a thumbs up from your mailman. Did I mention it holds mail? That’s mail, not males. Link (via)

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AstroTurf Niva Is The Greenest Car Ever

So you want to turn a corner and finally upgrade to an eco-friendly vehicle? If you were to take the words “green” and “environmental” to a literal conclusion, you might end up with something that looks pretty similar to this AstroTurf covered Niva. Clearly, the artificial grass does nothing to improve the state of the environment. For all we ...

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