Video Games: A Surprising Tool for Global Problem Solving

With the advent of time, video games have been changing and so, people’s impression about games too is changing. The industry of video games is worth more than the US $100 billion and it is constantly growing at a rate of 8 percent every year. The remarkable thing is the popularity of video games isn’t confined to the US alone as it is growing faster in counties, like the Middle East, Africa, India, and South America.

A Surprising Tool for Global Problem Solving
  • Gaming caters to all – Right from a child to a grandparent, every person can choose a controller for playing though an average gamer happens to be 35 years old. And so, it can be said that people from every walk of life have been experiencing the video games’ excitement besides the joyous thing of playing online poker games, like situs poker online. The video games are viewed as collaborative and social and so, the professional video game leagues too are turning hugely popular. These games are also turning into a medium for individuals for working together besides solving usual problems. Many companies are engaged in weaving video games that always manage to make an optimistic effect on people.
  • From simulated to tangible effects – The developers of Minecraft, for instance, have integrated with the UN-Habitat for helping in revitalizing global communities via the Block by Block program. The UN-Habitat has been utilizing Minecraft not in the form of a game alone, but also as a tool for visualizing public spaces besides augmenting the process of urban designs. The software does engage poor communities in urban design and allows them to developing the cities that they call home. The game Hellblace: Senua’s Sacrifice which got released in August happened to be one of the initial video games that addressed mental illness and this game got developed in association with Wellcome, the health charity, individuals suffering from psychosis, and neuroscientists working at the Cambridge University. 

Sea Hero Quest is a mobile video game that tasks players with steering a small boat via a colorful world. Though it feels as well as plays similar to other puzzle games, this game was originally conceived as a tool to research dementia. The developers accumulate data utilizing AI (artificial intelligence), and analyzing the virtual boats’ location for predicting areas where a player will become confused or lost. For each minute played, the data which gets accumulated will be equivalent to 6 hours of research.

  • The ideal medium – Video games are hugely interactive in many ways compared to other mediums as they provide people with the capability to accumulate worthwhile data and they can affect and change the behavior for good. Additionally, they emerge as creative, thus, turning problem-solving important storytelling devices into sturdier devices that can inspire many gamers. 

The Playmob connected brands to gamers and it can propose palpable impressive impact. Hence, the need arises to design and develop more games so that every person can play. The job of the industry is recognizing the power that it possesses for affecting changes and people can accomplish that by having a highly diverse ecosystem so that the finest ideas can flourish.

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