Capcom Developing More iPhone Games


Capcom, maker of Metal Gear Solid and Street Fighter, loves the iPhone. So much, in fact, that in the next year, Capcom will release 10 new titles for the device on the Apple App Store. No details are available on whether or not current titles will be ported to the iPhone/iPod Touch, but keep your eyes peeled for titles relating to Resident Evil as I think we could see a touch-version of the original drop sometime this year. Or at least, one can hope, right?


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  1. Capcom doesn’t make the Metal Gear series; Konami does. I’m sure YOU already know that and this is part of that giveaway mentioned, right? So hand over the PS3 or whatever before you lose all your nerd cred!

  2. OMG … Metal Gear is from KONAMI.

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