Use Your Phone To Control Your Door Locks

If you’ve ever lost your keys while out on the town, you know there’s no way in hell you’re getting them back. Luckily, we tend to clutch our cellphones dear to our heart, never letting them out of our site. If you have a Schlage LiNK system, you need not worry about having keys anymore.

Essentially, the LiNK system uses the ‘net to give you full control over your door locks. Install the locks and you can use a laptop or Blackberry/iPhone/cellphone to control your locks from anywhere. Wife needs to be let in and you’re at the bar? No problem. A touch of the screen and the door is unlocked. The system shows the status of each lock, so you’ll know if someone is snooping around in your home. The lock will even text message you if there’s an issue. Sounds like a very cool idea, but also expensive. I suppose it depends on how much you value convenience and security.

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