Is It Worth to Use Casino Bonuses: TOP 5 Tips from Experienced Players

Modern online casinos offer a wide range of promotions with bonuses of various types. Due to the fierce competition in the field of gambling, this method is the most effective way to attract players and keep them interested in the future. The popularity of bonuses among casino players is due to the possibility of using the money received as a gift to get real winnings.

Experienced punters who specialize in bonus hunting often manage to win in this way. This review offers useful tips from such casino players. Before we begin, we should note that the information offered here is purely advisory in nature. It does not give a hundred percent guarantee of success, but it does significantly increase the efficiency of using casino bonuses.

#1. Promo Rules

The first thing that every player who plans to use the bonus should know is to have careful familiarization with the description of the casino bonus online. Experienced players, who regularly use promotions in the best casinos from the rating on, recommend paying attention to the following features:

  • The type of bonus (deposit / no deposit, cash / free spins).
  • Requirements to fulfill (deposit, promo code, quest and others).
  • The wagering requirements (wager, terms, limits), which allow a realistic assessment of the player’s abilities.

The last point is particularly important. For example, if the wagering term is 48 hours and the punter will be busy with other things in the next two days, it is better to activate the casino bonus later. If there is no such opportunity, but the casino offers a No Deposit Bonus, it makes sense to use it in the way described in Tip #5. If the presentation requires a deposit, experienced players recommend ignoring such an offer.

A few words about the portal where players choose legit online casinos, claim bonuses, and can play slots for free. It’s very convenient! Those who have discovered this way of finding advantageous offers benefit from verified bonuses with clear terms that are always activated on the casino’s page.

#2. Low Wager & Long Terms

The second tip concerns the choice of online casino bonus (if such an option is available). Promotions with low bets and relatively long durations offer the highest chances of winning. This combination allows you to play with low bets, which reduces the risks to a minimum. It is recommended to calculate the amount of the bet in advance according to the time period. To do this, you can test some slots in Auto mode to understand how many spins can be made for all the available time. At the same time, do not forget that most modern slots have a Turbo mode. It can be used as a safety net in cases where the wagering conditions are limited.

#3. High RTP, Low Volatility, Wide Popularity

The third factor that contributes to the successful use of casino bonuses is the right choice of slots. Market expert Jan Michalski told us about it. The best for wagering are considered games with High RTP. The first indicator determines the amount of money as a percentage of the total investment. This is the amount of money the slot must return to the player. 

However, the random number generator does not make it possible to predict exactly who and exactly what part of this amount will get a chance to get. For this reason, experienced punters prefer slots with High RTP and Low Volatility. The second indicator is that the winnings are dropped often (even if they are small). 

However, this is not all. The most reliable way is the combination of High RTP and Low Volatility with Wide Popularity. The explanation is simple: more winnings are possible in the games where more money is invested. The more money invested in a slot machine, the higher its place in the popularity ranking. Therefore, the best wagering option is games that combine all three indicators.

#4. Multiple Bonuses at Once

Many real casinos online allow players to use multiple bonuses at the same time. This means that the punter can activate several promos, but they have to be wagered in order. Such a feature can be turned into a big win. To do this it is necessary to:

  • Carefully study the terms of each promo, paying attention to its type and wagering terms.
  • Activate the available bonuses in such a sequence that the last bonus has a low wager and an acceptable wagering period.
  • Choose a slot with Bonus Buy feature, corresponding to the demands, which were listed in the previous paragraph.
  • Make a purchase bonus game for an amount that will “swallow” all activated bonuses, except for the last one and a few coins from it.

As a result of this procedure, all winnings from the Feature will be added to the amount of the last bonus. Then, slowly and calmly, you will be able to wager the money you have received as a gift.

#5. No Chance to Complete Wagering

A mistake many players make is to take unnecessary risks when the chances of success are zero. Examples of such cases are running out of time and a significant reduction in the initial amount. Experienced players advise not to lose heart in such situations and to use the remaining time and/or bonus money to your advantage. There are two ways of doing this: getting to know the algorithms of the game and “pumping” the slots.

In the first case, you can explore slots that are new to you and test different winning strategies. The second way is to invest bonus money in the game (for example, in a slot with a cumulative prize pool or jackpot) and then make a big win with money from the real balance. Of course, this means a quick win with a minimal investment of your own money.

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