USB Tube Speaker Glows Bright at Night

Brando, maker of all things cheap and USB, has graced us with yet-another beautiful USB-powered gadget. This time around, it’s an acrylic tube speaker with blue LEDs glowing inside it. Plug in your iPod/PC and get the tunes going while you play Crysis for hours on end.

At $22, you’re not going to find anything better that’s in the same speaker class. Might as well pour yourself a cocktail full of Hypnotiq and blast some Wu-Tang like it’s 1997 all over again.

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  1. The blue light that glows from this USB Tube Speakers makes me say I love it and I got to have it. Listening my favorite songs using this will absolutely soothe me.


    There has been so many gadgets nowadays that are to be plugged on a USB. Last week, I saw a post about a USB Mini-Fridge. What’s next?

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