USB Construction Site Warns Visitors of Impending Danger


What this USB Contruction Site is really lacking is a bunch of talking construction workers, gawking at your girlfriend’s ass and making fun of your skinny legs. “Heyyy, sweet cheeks, you want some of this? How ’bout a little of this? Yeaaaaa.”

The Construction Site features light up cones, a white or yellow sign and a single construction worker, depending on which of the three construction site kits you choose. The whole construction site is lit with only one USB port. Each set is $44.

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  1. and this is just pointless, seriously why do you want a clutter of constrution cones two signs that are in chinese and a funny looking guy in a uniform holding a giant red vibrator, who is missing his other hand, maybe that “vibrator” is his hand is the hand he ripped off when he thought just how rediculous this invention costing 44 bucks actually is.
    The point of buying a light up construction site for your computers usb port? none what so ever, at 44 dollars you can buy a couple dozen lights and a porn magazine, which for any man is complete enjoyment.

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