Urban Fidelity Speakers Feature 360 Degrees of Sound


Those little orbs or “planets” on the top of these new Urban Fidelity Speakers aren’t just for looks, they are a revolutionary technology aimed at producing 360 degrees of sound. In addition to the “planets,” Designer Markus Duevel has incorporated a high efficiency tweeter that combines with the sphere to create a sonic image that is “massively larger than any forward-firing tweeter.”

It also features a 5.9″ woofer that promises to low distortion and “shocking bass for the size.” Even the cabinets themselves are designed for optimum sound with a double-ported floor that helps to enhance bass and a top cabinet placement for the woofer that helps to reduce distortion. Just don’t expect an innovative product like this to come cheap. Available for $1295 and $1395 a pair. More pictures after the jump.




—Sean Fallon

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