Unconventional Home Decor Ideas

Decor ideas

Did you know that you can use plates as a decorative item? Your home décor should be such that it never ceases to amaze you as well as your guests. A clean and sorted home is great, but organized mess looks much better and is much more fun.

A person generally spends more time at their home than any other place. So, home décor has a significant impact on one’s mood and general outlook, says an expert at Premier Ship Models, a company reputed for its wooden model ship kits & model boat kits.

So, here are some simple yet unconventional décor ideas to make your place look and feel great.

Photo Trails

Putting up a trail of your pictures on the wall is an excellent way of creating a lively environment. The images could be photos of you and your loved ones, clever quotes, letters, or abstract art. Basically, you can put up anything that brings a smile to your face. 

Framed Mirrors

In case you and have a small and cozy home, you can use your creativity to make the space seem larger. One such idea is making use of mirrors as a décor solution. Mirrors are versatile. They can be used anywhere around your place and come in various shapes and designs. And, adding a nice-looking frame to them can turn them from a simple everyday use item to gorgeous display piece.

Twinkly Lights

The importance of lights in home décor can’t be emphasised enough. Twinkly lights look brilliant, can be conveniently set up and don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Whenever your regular lights make you feel overly traditional, you can switch on these incessant lights and transform the ambience of your place.

A Display Composed of Your Stuff

Using the stuff you already own as display materials is a great cost-effective way to decorate your house. This can be your old coins, books, wooden figurines, model ship kits & model boat kits or even your guitar. Incorporating your personal things into your home décor is a nice way to spice things while making the décor look organic.

Hanging Plates

For wall displays, plates can be a creative substitute for framed artwork. Antique shops are where you’ll find the best plates for this purpose. They might be a little more expensive than the regular ones. But, you can collect them over time and watch your plate display grow. Before you hang your plates on the wall, decide on a layout by placing them on the floor. Also, make sure you use sleek invisible hangers for displaying them.

Fake Headboards

Many bedrooms lack space for a headboard. And, even if they don’t, headboards can be quite costly. The reason why people crave headboards has more to do with style than comfort. They give the bedroom an elegant look. There are many creative methods through which you can create the same effect. For instance, you can paint a silhouette on the wall that makes it seem like there is a headboard there.

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