How To Spruce Up Your Bedroom

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When you want to have better sleep quality, make sure to improve the ambience of your bedroom. Here are several ways to improve your bedroom so that you will have restful sleep.

Way 1: Move Your Bed to a Different Place 

Placing your bed in the proper location can reduce the noise in your bedroom while you try to sleep. In addition, in the summer, you may want to place your bed near a window to enjoy the breezes, but during the winter, you may want to move the bed away from the window to avoid cold drafts.

Way 2: Place Your Favorite Artwork on the Walls 

Your bedroom should be a relaxing oasis when you arrive home, so you should have your favorite artwork and photographs on the walls. Take time to think about what you want to have hanging on the walls so that as you are trying to sleep, you will see something that makes you feel happy.

Way 3: Hang Draperies or Curtains that Darken the Room 

By hanging room-darkening curtains and draperies in your bedroom, you can eliminate the light from a vehicle’s headlights or streetlights. These are usually heavier window coverings that will also help to block the noise from outside your home. If you must sleep during the day, then having these types of window coverings is imperative.

Way 4: Paint the Walls a Soothing Color 

Use a soothing paint color on the walls of your bedroom to help you sleep at night. Experts recommend soft colors such as pale blue, but you might prefer a soft green or pink. Stay away from bright colors of paint such as yellow or red that will create too much energy.

Way 5: Get Rid of the Clutter 

If you have a bedroom filled with clutter, then you should organize it to make it feel relaxed. It is difficult to release stress before you go to sleep when your bedroom is cluttered with stacks of laundry, boxes of stuff and too much furniture. You may need to organize the closets in your bedroom, or perhaps, you need to buy storage items to keep your things out of sight.

Way 6: Have a Soft Rug on the Floor 

Having a soft rug on the floor of your bedroom can reduce the noise in your home from neighbors. It is also more pleasant to have a warm rug to stand on when you wake-up in the morning. A beautiful rug on the floor can give your bedroom a relaxing ambience, so look for a floor covering that looks great with the color on the walls and the furniture in your bedroom.

Way 7: Change Your Bedroom’s Lighting 

If you leave a television or computer screen turned on in your bedroom at night, then the lighting can disrupt your circadian rhythms. In addition, turning down the lighting as you approach bedtime can encourage restful sleep, so choose lamps that permit reducing the brightness of the light in the bulbs.

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