How does the Color of the Walls affect the Ambiance


Is it true that some colours have a better effect on you than the rest? Is there a psychology behind the colours of your walls? Yes, the color science and psychology does have a role to play when it comes to deciding home décorColours you use to decorate your house may have a profound effect on the emotional well-being of the inhabitants.

Even though color choices are individual perceptions, but the on the whole right colours lighten up the place, while neutral colours have a soothing or sedative effect. Neutral colours include brown, white, grey and black- these are the most flexible colours and can be easily combined with other colours. Red, yellow and orange are called warm sunny colours which make the environment interesting and exciting. These colours are preferable in the drawing room, or the kids’ bedrooms. Bedrooms are usually blue, green or violet which are called the cold colours and give out relaxing effects. Green may the best choice if you want to repaint your bedroom- gives the most soothing effect, and provides an inviting ambiance. What combination you choose depends on the type of environment you plan to have in your interiors.

To understand color combinations, you need to understand color perceptions. Every color has an emotional charge of its own. For example, red depicts activity, excitement and conspicuousness. But a bluish red can calm down a person, especially an energetic one, but not pacifying his/her choleric temperament. You never combine two warm colours, so you don’t have red on a yellow background. That would be a disaster! On the other hand blue on a white background is pleasant to the eyes.

You may want to try contrasting color combinations for your interiors, but even the boldest risks follow the basic color combination rules. Colours have the ability to charge each room with a distinctive energy. So before you lay your hands over a variety of paint cans, you need to plan out the color combinations very carefully. Psychologically, choosing the right colours give out the right vibes.

Throw in the right colours, and invite good vibes only!

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