How To Unblock Content on Netflix

Netflix can be considered as one of the best online streaming services to subscribe to if you hope to enjoy top rated movies and TV shows through your computer, TV or handheld device. The likes of Daredevil, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black are just a few samples of the quality shows you get to stream once you subscribe to their worldwide service.

For those who already have a monthly subscription, you might’ve figured that you don’t get to watch the exact same material that your American counterparts enjoy in the US. This is because Netflix has to regulate what content can be viewed where, based on the suggestions of the entities that were involved in producing a particular TV show or movie; meaning viewers in Australia, India, Canada or Argentina aren’t quite able to stream an American series on Netflix. According to this, there are several ways you could use to avoid the Netflix proxy error message and access more Netflix titles.

How to Avoid Location Restrictions on Netflix

There are about three ways that I know of, and I’ve given a little description of each method below:

Using a VPN service/app

You could decide to unblock content on Netflix using a VPN service. It’s in fact one of the most effective solutions you could consider since aside from unblocking geo-blocked streaming channels like Netflix USA, you also get to encrypt your Internet and prevent anyone from eavesdropping on your activities online.

VPN basically works by masking your IP address. As soon as you get your actual address hidden, you have the choice to connect to any remote server supported by your VPN provider. Doing this will allow you to gain a new virtual IP address that will make it seem as though you’re within the countries whose channels you want to unblock.

If your device or computer doesn’t come with a VPN client, you’ll have to carry out an earnest search online, since the VPN apps that work with Netflix are very few.

Using Smart DNS Proxies to Unblock Netflix

Aside from being the easiest to setup, Smart DNS proxies used to be the most preferred form of unblocking proxies as all you’d have to do is change your device’s primary and secondary DNS server addresses. Netflix however blocked such services and so a Smart DNS proxy can no-longer be considered as a working solution.

Switch Netflix region using Tor

Tor is a well known software that used to be the most preferred for accessing regionally restricted content. What most of it’s users didn’t appreciate is the length of time it took to load videos; especially those meant to stream in HD. It’s not as popular nowadays because the many layers of encryption really slow it down.

Closing Remarks on How to Unblock Content on Netflix

Out of the three solutions mentioned above, using a VPN is the only one guaranteed to unblock content on Netflix for you without posing too many difficulties.

It would be advisable to look for a provider that is well known for providing quality service before spending your money on any subscription. Search for and go through articles describing a customer’s experience with a certain provider to get an idea of the type of service you should expect.

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