UbuntuBox: Worst Case Mod Ever, Hands Down


At first glance, this “case mod”, if you can call it that, looked like the box I carried my belongings off to college with. Look a little deeper and you see that this box is actually a working computer.

The UbuntuBox has got to be the ugliest damn case mod of all time. Isn’t there some sort of reward for this? The creator of this horrendous masterpiece says that the computer houses the parts from an old Pentium 3 tower, running Linux Ubuntu.



Andrew Dobrow

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  1. Lol, “Fire Danger” i’ll say…

  2. i hate you


  4. that’s so fugly it’s beautiful.

  5. Reminds me of the working computer some buddies of mine nailed to the wall. It’s hostname was “Jesus.”

  6. Lol! Gotta love the warning on the side: “Unplug Immediately if Fire or Excessive Beeping Occurs”

  7. I’m claiming copyright infringement! I made this computer years ago after a friend gave me the old parts after he upgraded!

    Ah yes, the cardboard 386 DX2 40mhz. I think I still have it around here somewhere… I wonder if I could get ubuntu installed on it…

  8. do we really need this =D

  9. Rememberme this one : ( Pizza hazardous computer)


  10. it kind of an artwork

  11. I’ve seen worse, it was in a shotbox, the parts weren’t screwed down or taped or anything, all the components were everywhere, power supply was ditched in the middle, there were even optical drives randomly stuck there…

  12. In one Word – AWESOME

  13. Case? You need a case? PPPPPFT…

    In my old place, we had “FRANKEN-PUTER”. It was various older computer parts all on top of a piece of wood under a table. The wood’s only there so that it wasn’t directly on the carpet.


  15. There’s a certain brilliance that radiates through that pile of shit, don’t you think? No? Oh…

  16. A friend of mine had his motherbord and other ‘puter parts lying loose in the windowsill for a year. Naturally, he was quick to close the window whenever it started to rain.

  17. At least u get plenty of space for air to circulate.

  18. Hilarious!

    Weird things is, there are people out there that would buy it.

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