Twitter Announces Custom Timelines!

Twitter made yet another appearance in the news today as they announced that they will now feature custom timelines that can be created based topics, hashtags and more from Tweetdeck.


In today’s announcement Twitter launched their new custom timeline feature that will allow users to customize timelines based on a wide range of topics. Not everyone will be able to create custom timelines just yet since this new feature will be rolled out slowly but in the coming weeks more people will be able to create their own customized timelines. Every  timeline that is created is made public.

In addition to their custom timeline announcement, Twitter also announced that they will be providing an API to allow developers to build this new custom timeline functionality into their products.

Every timeline created using the new custom timeline feature will have its own permalink page that will allow users to send visitors directly to their custom timeline URL. Plus, as an added feature, the new custom timeline feature will be completely embeddable.

Twitter hopes that the new custom timeline feature will create a whole new level of flexibility of their Tweetdeck service. Only time will tell how well this feature will work out for Twitter, but so far, so good.

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